Hard Times for Teachers, Students, and Curriculum: How We Educate in Indiana Allan Kidd’s story as told to John Volbrecht

Hard times for teachers are not a new phenomenon. I’m a fourth generation teacher, and there were times when my great-grandfather taught during the Great Depression, where they didn’t get paid. They got a choice: they could quit, take an IOU, or take store coupons. He took the store coupons and kept on teaching at […]

Lighting the Way Niki Fitzgerald as told to Gabriella Fluhler

Just another move. Just another school. Nothing phased me anymore. I caused a lot of trouble in my old life, in Florida, and everyone at my new school knew it. Between homelessness and coming from a life of drugs and violence, I had negativity in my heart and trusted no one. I was disappointed in […]

“I believe I can fly!” Anonymous’ story by Gabriella Fluhler

I will never forget the happiness in Teddy’s voice that day. Often, the memory of the defiant, Autistic fourth grader who found me trustworthy enough to help him through school is a source of encouragement to continue to chase my love for teaching after all this time. It has been so difficult lately, with financial […]

Do I Want to be a Teacher? Anonymous’ story as told to Andrea Eads

I knew I liked biology and could enjoy doing anything with it. It was later that I realized that I loved sharing about it with kids. On the hard days, I think I could be working in a lab… by myself…with quiet specimens…without all the stresses. I worked in the nature center at Calvin College, […]

The Difference between Fate and Choice Holly Mosier’s story as told to Janay Sander

“What is the Medicaid card doing up there on the screen?” In that moment I realized we came from different worlds. And it was a moment for a great lesson, but not just for my students. We were studying state flags. I had no real experience with poverty. Not at the time. I know a […]